Kent County Inmate Search

How to perform a Kent County Inmate Search?

Kent County Inmate Search to search for a inmate license in the state of Michigan can be done by clicking here. If you need assistance from a real person, you can call Kent County and speak directly to a real person with regards to verify a Michigan inmate license at phone number (616) 632-6100.

Performing a Kent County Inmate Search requires information for the lookup & search including First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Business or Company Name, License Type, Attribute Type, Inmate License Number, Location (City, County, State, Zip Code), and License Status.

Finding an Inmate in Michigan Jails

How to find an inmate in Michigan?

Visit Kent County website for using the link we’ve provided for you above that allows you to directly Kent County Inmate Search. Enter the required information to search for an inmate. This may include the inmate’s first and last name, their offender number, or other identifying information.

Submit the search request and wait for the results. You will receive immediate results with the inmate information in the state of Michigan.

Review the results to find the inmate you are looking for. This may include information such as their current location, their projected release date, and other relevant details.

Be sure to carefully follow the instructions provided on Kent County website to ensure a successful inmate search.

Watch this video to learn how to find an inmate in a jail in the state of Michigan, how to locate an inmate and what is the process you need to follow.

Kent County Phone Number for Kent County Inmate Search

What is Kent County phone number for Kent County Inmate Search?

Kent County main number (Kent County Number) to talk to an agent of Kent County with regards to Kent County Inmate Search and inmate license issues is (616) 632-6100.

Kent County Calling Hours

What are the best hours to call Kent County for Kent County Inmate Search related matters?

The best hours to call Kent County and talk to a real person at Kent County regarding Kent County Inmate Search are between 11:30 am to 16:30 pm on weekdays.

When calling Kent County, you may be asked to provide the following information:

1) Your name and contact information: Kent County will need to know who they are speaking with and how to reach you in case they need to follow up.

2) The details of your inquiry including any relevant identification or reference numbers.

Once you have provided the necessary information, the Kent County representative will work with you to address your concerns and provide you with the assistance as needed.

It’s important to be patient and polite when calling Kent County for assistance. Keep in mind that Kent County representatives are there to help you but may be dealing with a high volume of calls and requests.

Providing clear and concise information about your situation will help the Michigan state representative assist you more efficiently.

Kent County Fax Number

What is Kent County fax number?

Kent County fax number where you can send fax messages, documents and forms in regards to Kent County Inmate Search is (616) 632-6122.

Do you need any assistance with Kent County, or other inmate license matters from our team, please send us the details of your inquiry using the contact us form or the comments form below.

Kent County (Kent County) Address for Kent County Inmate Search

What is Kent County address for Kent County Inmate Search?

Kent County (Kent County) address where you can send official mail including letters, documents and forms in regards to Kent County Inmate Search is:

Kent County (Kent County)
Street: 701 Ball Avenue NE
City: Grand Rapids
State: Michigan
Zip: 49503

Kent County Website

You can visit the Kent County official website by clicking here.

Contacting Someone in Jail in Michigan

How to contact someone in jail in Michigan?

To contact someone who is currently incarcerated in Michigan state jail, you can typically follow these steps:

1) Lookup the specific Michigan state jail or prison facility where the person is being held. You can do that by following the steps provided above.

2) Check the facility’s rules and regulations regarding inmate communication. This may include information about visitation, phone calls, email, or postal mail.

3) Depending on the facility’s rules, you may be able to send a letter or postcard to the inmate’s mailing address. Be sure to include the inmate’s full name and identification number on the envelope.

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